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How to Make Fresh Flowers Look Their Best

How to Make Fresh Flowers Look Their Best

Want to keep your blooms lasting longer? Follow a few of these simple cut flower care ideas and you will keep your blooms vibrant and long lasting.

Fresh Flower Bouquet

Keep the bacteria in the water low

Be sure to use a clean the vase, fill it with room-temperature water mixed with a G.G. Floral Life extender packet, which is included with your flowers.  The Floral life extender is basically sugar that helps keep the bacteria count in the water low.


Re-cut the stems

Re-cut the stems, every few days.  Remove ¾” from the bottom of the stem, cutting the stems on an angle is the best for the flowers to continue to take up water. Be sure to use a sharp knife or floral snips/scissors to prevent squishing the stems.  Also, remove any blooms or foliage that end up below the waterline in the vase.

Cutting Rose Stems

Tip: want to keep the flower arrangement looking like the pros, tie a piece of twine or wire around the top of the stems before you remove them to re-cut, this will keep all the blooms in their place.


Check your flowers daily

Last but not least – check your flowers daily, see if they need a top up on water.  If you need to completely replace the water make sure to clean the vase thoroughly, add room temperature water and a new G.G. Floral life extender.

Checking Flowers

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