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Get your Yard Spring Ready with These Seven Simple Steps

Get your Yard Spring Ready with These Seven Simple Steps

As Spring Fever sets in the to-do list to get your lawn and gardens ready can feel daunting.  We get it.  We love Spring, but the cleaning up process can feel never-ending.  Our Garden Gallery checklist will provide you with some tips to get your property ready for gardening and sunshine.    


Step 1: Survey your Property

Spring is an opportunity to get your garden ready for new growth.  For this first step take a notebook or your phone with you to help record both your findings and ideas.


Start the process by walking throughout your property.  Pay attention to areas that were damaged/died over the winter, but also, find the spots that you would like to introduce new gardens, water features, or simply add a new spot to sit and relax.   


Step 2:  Put Winter Away

One of the best ways to leap into the next season is to store any remaining winter items away.   So, pack up your winter wreath and any lingering holiday décor, and remove the evergreens and glitter branches from your urns so that the container can be reused for your spring plantings.   Mid to late April is also a great time to remove any protective wrappings or coverings from your trees and shrubs. However, keep those layers handy so that they can easily be covered again if there is a risk of frost.


Step 3:  Remove the Debris

For this next step, you will need a rake, gloves, compost, and garbage bags, as it’s time for an outdoor Spring Clean.


Windy weather can leave your lawn cluttered with branches, leaves, and even litter. This not only looks unattractive but the dead leaves and branches could also become home for rodents and insects.  So, get outside, clean up the clutter and end the day with a fresh slate for Spring.


Step 4:   Polish your Patio Furniture  

Although not every day will be warm enough to lounge on the patio, now is the time to bring the furniture out from storage.  Did you know that cleaning your patio furniture regularly will not only make it sparkle but will also protect your investment?  


  1. Here are a few simple tips to help get your patio furniture spring-ready:  
  2. Wipe down your furniture with the recommended cleaner from the manufacturer. When cleaning, wipe down any residue and dirt, don’t forget about the grooves.
  3. Now, it’s time for the cushions. Start by vacuuming each one, remembering to remove any dirt that may be hiding in crevices or around the buttons. Once the dirt and dust are gone-it’s time to get scrubbing with a gentle mixture of dishwashing liquid and water.  If you have mildew, try adding a very small amount of borax (about ¼ cup) and allow it to soak for about 15 minutes.   Rinse well with a garden hose, towel dry, and then stand to air dry.
  4. For an extra layer of protection, consider spraying your patio furniture with an Outdoor Fabric protector.

Don’t forget to sweep and wash your deck so that you have the perfect space to show off all of your hard work!


Step 5: Garden Clean Up

Grab your garden gloves, a few hand tools, and start digging.  No, we are not planting yet, but this next step will get your garden ready.  Start by removing any debris (leaves and branches) that may have collected over winter.  If left alone, these decaying materials could become the perfect home for moisture-loving insects, like earwigs.    Now, take a survey of any vegetation that is remaining.  Do you see any old annuals or vegetables peeking through?  If so, pull them out, roots and all, so that you create a space for the May plantings to grow.     


Early spring, before shrubs and trees start their growth spurt, is also one of the best times to transplant.  So, take a look at your garden and see if anything needs to move.  If transplanting, make sure to add some Triple Mix and a transplant fertilizer, like Garden Gallery’s Plant Starter, to get the roots off to a healthy start.


Step 6:  Prune

Pull out those pruning shears for a spring trim.  April is the perfect time to give your summer flowering shrubs, trees, and perennials a bit of a trim.   For the spring flowering trees and shrubs, give them their annual clean-up after they bloom.


Start by removing any dead or damaged wood, then strategically cut to control both the shape and size of the plant.   When cutting, remove the shoots or branches back to their primary branch so that new growth can easily occur.  Be careful, heavy pruning can inadvertently cause the plant to feel stressed.  So as a rule of thumb, limit your pruning to no more than one-third of the plant.


Step 7: Prepare your Beds and Containers

Now, that the clean-up is done- it’s time to prepare your gardens for spring growth.  To get your gardens ready, add in a new layer of triple mix to infuse the space with a boost of nutrients.  This is also the time to start making your list of the plants that you want to add this year.  To help with this process, take a wander or two through the garden centre or online to help make your list.   Have fun with this process.  When considering what to add, don’t forget about outdoor décor,  these innovative features will add personality to your landscape making it a space that is truly yours.

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