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First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

March 20th marks the first day of spring. This hopeful season is full of growth and new possibilities. It is a time to explore activities, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. 

Did you know that the name spring is all about flowers? According to the Online Etymology Dictionary , the word spring comes from the Old English Word Springan which means “to leap, burst forth, fly up, spread and grow”. It’s the perfect name for the season that marks flowers bursting from the ground, new buds on trees, and fresh starts.   

As much as we want to get planting in the ground. It’s still about two months too early. So, what can you do to capture that spring feeling when snow or frost covers the ground? 

It’s simple-bring spring indoors! 





Start Sprouting

Are you thinking of starting a vegetable garden this year? Growing your own vegetables is a great way to get exercise, enjoy fresh flavours, explore new varieties, and save money.  

Seeds should be started at least six to eight weeks before they get into the ground, which makes the end of March the perfect time for planting. To get started all you need are a few simple tools including potting soil, small pots (or a seed starting tray), and of course the seeds.   

Seed starting kits, like the line of products from Jiffy, make it easy for both beginners and vegetable garden veterans to sprout their seeds indoors.   

Beans, peas, sunflowers, lettuce, and pumpkin are just a few of the seeds that are the simplest to get started. However, don’t stop there. Why not add some colour to your plate with rainbow carrots, rainbow swiss chard, and an array of tomatoes and peppers? Introducing these new and innovative varieties into your garden is an inexpensive way to treat yourself to a gourmet experience. 

Change up your Décor

Got Spring Fever? We get it. Spring is an opportunity to give your home a bit of a refresher. So, open those windows, listen to the birds and let’s add some spring décor into your home. 

Bursts of teal, orange, and cobalt blue will beautifully brighten your home. For a quick fix: simply replace your cozy winter blankets with spring-themed throw pillows. Our favourites this year include beautiful images of hummingbirds, butterflies, and dragonflies. 

Brighten up your doorway with a spring everlasting wreath. These beautiful wreaths are easy to maintain and are a great way to refresh your door year after year. Make your own or buy one that is already made, like our cherry blossoms or lavender wreath.   

There are so many ways infuse your home with the feeling of spring. Change up your place settings, rotate your prints, or simply add some spring hued flowerpots to brighten up your space. 

Flower Power

Spring is all about the flowers. Potted spring bulbs are a fun way to bring the colours of aromas of spring into your home. Bright-coloured kalanchoes and tropical hibiscuses are two other varieties that will help add that splash of spring. 

Spring package kits (including bulbs, primulas, and ranunculus) are a fun way to enjoy your favourite spring bulbs early. These kits can easily be started indoors and then transplanted into your favourite outdoor urn for a burst of spring colour in your entryway. 

There’s no need to wait for the snow to melt to enjoy the first hints of spring. Bright colours, newly sprouted seeds, and the aroma of spring flowers will help transform your indoor space into a spring oasis. 

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