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Elegant Holiday Tablescaping

Elegant Holiday Tablescaping

Make your table as memorable as the menu with tablescaping! 🌟 It’s the perfect way to elevate your dinner and show your guests you care. Choose a theme that you love from glitzy glitter to rustic and warm. We have all that you need to create your inspired look.

You will need:

  • 1 roll of art mesh, as a table runner
  • Scissors
  • 6 placemats - we used check placemats
  • Everlasting Garland - with berry picks and leaves
  • 2 centrepieces - we used rattan reindeers
  • 3 secondary accents - we used gold LED tabletop stars
  • 4 small accents - we used gold glitter cone trees
  • 6 matching Plates
  • 5 LED candles
  • 6-8 ornaments


  1. Decide on a colour scheme for your tablescape. This way your accents and decor will flow together.
  2. Choose your base for your table runner. We used a metallic art mesh. Cut the mesh with scissors to your desired length so that it runs across the length of your table.
  3. Lay down your placemats evenly spaced, side by side. We placed 3 on each side.
  4. Start assembling your centrepieces! Lay down your everlasting garland across the table, following your table runner. Your garland can be decorated with berry picks and leaves for more texture.
  5. Place your main focal points. We used 2 rattan reindeers and placed them facing away from each other.
  6. Add secondary accents beside your main focal points. We used 3 gold LED tabletop stars.
  7. Add smaller accents to fill in any empty space on the table. We placed 4 gold glitter cone trees in between the main focal points and secondary accents.
  8. Set your matching plates down to bring the tablescape all together. You can add smaller accents, like we did the with rattan star on your plates to elevate the look.
  9. Place LED candles around your accents to add ambiance.
  10. Place ornaments for the final touch.
  11. Ta-da! You now have an elegant tablescape that will be as memorable as the menu!
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